Automate Preprocessing for Iterative Analysis

CAPRI CAE Gateway eliminates many of the traditional steps and hurdles in preprocessing CAD models. CAD data can have gaps and loose tolerances which may require tedious manual intervention to correct. Import using CAPRI CAE Gateway is guaranteed to be “watertight” for valid solids. This means there are no "gaps" in the representation which can stall the preprocessing.

CAPRI CAE Gateway does not translate the CAD model, which ensures accuracy for simulation and associativity with the CAD topology which is crucial for updating boundary conditions and simulation attributes during an iterative design process.

CAPRI CAE Gateway is being successfully used with a wide range of meshing algorithms ranging from specialized structured block, chimera overset, cartesian to fully unstructured meshes.

  • Automating Preprocesing Slide 1
    A watertight representation of this complex aircraft was automatically generated and imported into NASA Cart3D CFD software. Image courtesy of M. Aftosmis.
  • Automating Preprocesing Slide 2
    Preprocessing time was decreased from weeks to hours for this complex aircraft. Photos courtesy of Cessna and Simcenter.
  • Automating Preprocesing Slide 3
    Automatic CAD import for creating overset meshes in NASA Chimera Grid Tool. Photo courtesy of Hawker Beechcraft.
  • Automating Preprocesing Slide 4
    Easily to automate import into turbomachinery meshers.
  • Automatic Preprocessing Slide 5
    Structured block meshing of aircraft configurations using CAPRI CAE Gateway. Images reference: Wood et al., CASI Aeronautics Conference, 2011.