CAPRI to MATLAB Connector

The CAPRI to MATLAB® Connector can enable you to seamlessly work with CAD models for physical modeling and simulation tasks in the MATLAB environment. Eliminate rework and simplified representations that could result in errors between the actual engineering designs and mechanical models that you create in MATLAB. Introduce real CAD models early into your simulation and modeling process to shorten product development cycles and reduce the risk of errors between design and analysis teams. Get started with preliminary and conceptual design studies using CAPRI.

Top Five Reasons to Consider using CAD Models with MATLAB

Tutorials and Samples
Check out the tutorials included with the MATLAB Connector.

Videos:  Learn more about using the CAPRI CAD Connector with MATLAB.
A Simple Parametric CAD demo

Drive Pro|ENGINEER assemblies

Extract mass properties and names from assemblies

Load STEP files, plot, and shrink wrap in Matlab


MATLAB users can work with CAD models in their M-Scripts and perform functions such as:

  • Query the geometry details such mass properties and other mechanical details

  • Visualize CAD parts and assemblies

  • Extract discrete representation that can be used for analysis,

  • Perform advanced geometric operations such extracting 2D cross sections and details required for preliminary and conceptual analysis,

  • Drive the design intent such as features and parameters for DOE and optimization. Users can update parameters and drive optimization from MATLAB.