Shape Design in Native CAD

CAPRI CAE Gateway enables a simple approach for driving the native CAD shape from a downstream CAE process.

 The key benefits of using CAPRI CAE Gateway are:

  • No reverse engineering or rework to return the final design back to CAD,
  • Retain 100% of the original details and integrity of the original CAD model,
  • Maintain 100% associativity with native CAD to share design changes with other disciplines in your PLM environment.

  • Shape Design Slide 2
    Nose shape optimization of a launch vehicle for hypersonic flow conditions. CAD model parameterization in Pro/ENGINEER.
  • Shape Design Slide 3
    Supersonic business jet solid model parameterization in Pro/ENGINEER
  • Shape Design Slide 4
    Aircraft shape was optimized to smear out the sonic boom overpressire. CFD was performed in a closed loop with CAPRI CAE Gateway and Pro/ENGINEER to drive the shape design. Image courtesy of M. Aftosmis (Ref. AIAA Paper 2011-1249).
  • Shape Design Slide 5
    Starting with a full featured turbine blade, a user can use CAPRI CAE Gateway to suppress mechanical details, perform shape design, and final unsuppress the mechanical details to produce a consistent CAD model without any reverse engineering. CAPRI enables easy coupling with analysis and optimization tools to perform analysis driven shape optimization.