Streamlining overset meshing at Hawker Beechcraft

Hawker Beechcraft has selected CAPRI CAE Gateway in its CFD design and analysis process along with the Chimera Grid Tools and OVERFLOW package from NASA Ames. CAPRI was selected because analysts found it easy to import complex CAD models for meshing with minimal user intervention, accuracy was paramount for assessing performance, and accessing geometry across platforms from the CAD system on Windows to Chimera Grid Tools on Linux was required.

"The resurgence of the general aviation industry in the latter half of this decade is bringing about new products from aircraft companies like Hawker Beechcraft. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology is being utilized more than ever in the design and analysis of our new aircraft. The CAPRI software from CADNexus is proving to be of great value in moving a geometry quickly and accurately from a CAD model to the start of the CFD analysis process using OVERFLOW." comments Mr. Paul Paden of CFD - Advanced Aerodynamics group at Hawker Beechcraft.