CAD Import for Chimera Grid Meshing

"The CAPRI software from CADNexus is proving to be of great value in moving a geometry quickly and accurately from a CAD model to the start of the CFD analysis process using OVERFLOW.” Aerodynamics, CFD – Advanced Design Engineer.

CAPRI CAE Gateway provides a simple and reliable solution to import native CAD parts and assemblies directly into Chimera Grid Tools. Experience greater productivity by minimizing the effort and steps needed to import complex CAD models for overset meshing.

Original Model

Simplified Model

Features such as automatic edge reduction saves significant time and effort in the meshing process. Sharp edges are automatically preserved and combined to create simple patches for starting the Overset meshing process. No reverse engineering of sharp features, no guess work !

CAPRI can be executed from the Chimera Grid Tools GUI, or from command line. It can be easily scripted for automating your process. All the files required for overset meshing are automatically created.

CAPRI for Overgrid is available for LINUX, MAC OSX, and WINDOWS.

Chimera Grid Tools directly supports many important NASA projects, as well as other projects in government and industry that utilize similar grid technologies. It is used at NASA and over 100 organizations for CFD simulations. The software was developed at NASA Ames Research Center; Dr. William M. Chan is lead developer.

Chimera Grid Tools is best suited for simulations that require creation and manipulation of overset structured grids and unstructured surface triangulations on complex configurations. Chimera Grid Tools is commonly used in applications that utilize the OVERFLOW CFD compressible viscous flow solver, the INS3D incompressible viscous solver, and the CART3D inviscid flow solver.


"Previously, if we received CAD geometry, it first had to be converted into a format acceptable for Chimera Grid Tools to read, i.e., unstructured surface triangulation or structured abutting patches. This process has always been very tedious and labor intensive (using commercial grid generation software), and could take days or weeks. The capability to 'read' in CAD geometry directly into OVERGRID and then perform surface grid generation on the CAD, was simply not available until we had the CADNexus CAPRI CAE Gateway integration."
- Dr. William M. Chan NASA Ames