Parametric Design Optimization

Making optimization with CAD geometry in an automated loop reliable presents several challenges. CAPRI CAE Gateway provides the key ingredients to make optimization easy and reliable.

  • Hands-off geometry transfer from CAD to CAE
  • Permits a CAE process to drive parametric changes in the actual CAD model
  • Very high reliability in generating watertight components for design configurations
  • Supports complex workflows where geometry errors can be rolled back and analyzed
  • Distributed computing architecture to support optimization in a heterogeneous/HPC computing environment


Optimization aerodynamic design of a vehicle is challenging. CAPRI CAE Gateway is enabling engineers at NASA to perform thousands of design studies with parametric CAD models.


"We have performed over 10,000 automated CFD design iterations using CAPRI for CAD integration, with parametric update and surface wrapping reliability exceeding 99.98%."

Marian Nemec, Ph.D., ELORET Corporation (NASA Ames Research Center).

Cart3D Design Application

NASA uses CAPRI for CAD-based design optimization of supersonic aircraft. The recent application illustrates a powerful application of CAPRI to perform shape design directly in CAD.

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