CADNexus CAPRI CAE Gateway provides a bidirectional, feature-based, integration of CAD systems with CAE applications for simulation, optimization, and other virtual product development processes.

  • Streamline Geometry Access: With CAPRI, analysts can work on a translation-free view of the CAD geometry, maintain full control over the accuracy of the model, and significantly reduce the effort to go from CAD to a mesh-ready format.
  • Automate Design Updates. Synchronizing simulation runs with design changes can be fully automated with CAPRI. Whether the design is updated by a CAD designer, analyst, or an optimization tool, a robust associative link to CAD means all the simulation preprocessing data can be reliably updated without any manual intervention.
  • Eliminate Reverse Engineering: Simulation driven design with native CAD dimensions and shapes through CAPRI eliminates the time and effort to rework or reverse engineer the final CAD shape.
  • Optimize Computing Resources: The web-oriented, vendor-neutral architecture of CAPRI gives engineers the freedom to build processes that can be seamlessly extended from a desktop to a cross-platform, distributed computing environment.
  • Multi-CAE Interoperability: Interoperability between CAPRI and several major commercial preprocessing and meshing packages enables data exchange and coupling of multi-disciplinary analysis tools with minimal effort.
  • Integration Options: CAPRI provides flexible integration options for novice to expert users alike allowing users to choose the best options to meet application and process requirements. A light-weight, vendor-neutral architecture saves overall IT cost of ownership.