Workflow Options for Cart3D

  • CAD Experts. A Cart3D plug-in enables the CAD designer to execute preprocessing steps directly from within the CAD system window. A simple pull down menu or button enables the designer to name components, set parameters, and export a watertight Cart3D-ready triangulations of the active CAD part or assembly.
  • Analysis Experts. An easy-to-use graphical interface enables analysts to generate Cart3D-ready triangulations without learning the details of operating a CAD system. Simply load the model, set the desired output resolution, and export Cart3D tri files.

  • Automating Workflows. CAPRI scripting (TCL, Python, MATLAB®) and programming tools enable engineers to automate repeated tasks and perform automated studies using their native parametric models. Users can generate triangulations without the burden of opening application windows. Writing out Cart3D triangulations after incremental model changes can be fully automated.


Cart3D Design Application

NASA uses CAPRI for CAD-based design optimization of supersonic aircraft. The recent application illustrates a powerful application of CAPRI to perform shape design directly in CAD.

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