• Faster, More Efficient Simulation-Driven Design
    Developed by principal researchers and Ph.D.'s at M.I.T.
    Used by world leading organizations in aerospace, automotive, and defense

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  • CAPRI Software Platform
    Achieve seamless interoperability of best-in-class CAD and CAE tools
    Eliminate business exposure to changing CAD & CAE environments
    Improve collaboration, product quality, time-to-market

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  • Professional Services
    Process and Technology Consulting
    Mentoring and Training

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Values & Benefits
  • Reduce Engineering Inefficiencies
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Decrease Time to Market
  • Lower IT Costs
Key Capabilities
  • Automate CAD to CAE processes

  • Drive Parametric CAD Updates

  • Enable Design Space Exploration

  • Simplify Multi-Disciplinary Coupling


  • "The capability to 'read' in CAD geometry directly into OVERGRID and then perform surface grid generation on the CAD, was simply not available until we had CAPRI CAE Gateway."
    Dr. William M. Chan (NASA Ames)
  • "CAPRI is a very easy environment to use for CAD integration, and within a short amount of time we incorporated direct CAD model access in our grid generation system."
    Dr. Mike Remotigue (ERC SimCenter)
  • "We have performed over 10,000 automated CFD design iterations using CAPRI for CAD integration, with parametric update and surface wrapping reliability exceeding 99.98%."
    Marian Nemec, Ph.D., ELORET Corporation