Exploit Parametric CAD in Turbo Machinery Design

CADNexus is helping turbomachinery manufacturers modernize their tools and process to take full advantage of their enterprise CAD and PLM assets. A combination of deep domain expertise in CAD and turbomachinery combined with our CAPRI platform gives us a unique advantage in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions.

We are helping our clients develop a complete strategy to integrate their design systems with native CAD. Our expertise includes:

  • Developing suitable parameterizations to support typical turbomachinery design.
  • Integrate in-house multi-fidelity design and analysis tools with CAD to support full bidirectional parametric design
  • Shape optimization strategies in native CAD for components such as compressors, turbines, and flowpaths
  • Develop and implement solutions to migrate legacy tools to modern CAD-integrated applications.
  • Develop modern interfaces to streamline turbo Machinery workflows.


Integrated Design Approach for Compressors
Integrated Design Approach for Turbines

Legacy turbo machinery design processes are typically not integrated with the broader enterprise CAD platforms. Traditional blade design tools have developed outside CAD with their own local representations and file formats. Interoperability between various tools introduces bottlenecks and inefficiencies into the overall process. Implementing proper integration of parametric CAD upfront in the preliminary design can reduce cost and design time. Please contact us to discuss your turbo machinery design requirements.


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