CAPRI Cart3D Connector

CAPRI provides a simple and reliable solution to import native CAD parts and assemblies directly into Cart3D. The watertight geometry is optimized for Cart3D use. Experience greater productivity by minimizing the effort and steps needed to import complex CAD models for analysis.

Cart3D is a high-fidelity inviscid analysis package for conceptual and preliminary aerodynamic design. It allows users to perform automated CFD analysis on complex geometry. Cart3D supports many important NASA projects, as well as other projects in government and industry.
Cart3D requires geometry in the form of triangulated components. Triangulations must be watertight for performing component intersections and cartesian mesh generation. Triangulations with gaps and errors require significant time and effort to be usable for analysis. Complicated models can take days to fix, and the final result may no longer be true to the original geometry.
CAPRI provides direct watertight triangulation of CAD solids with strict criteria on correctness and accuracy. This eliminates inaccuracies and non-value added healing and cleanup steps typically required for preparation of CAD data for meshing. The resolution of the triangulation can be user-defined to meet the analysis requirements. The process to go from CAD to triangulations requires some tuning, but for the most part requires no manual intervention.
There are several flexible approaches to deploy CAPRI into your Cart3D workflow depending on the user’s process needs. For more information on CART3D, visit the Cart3D web site.


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