CAPRI for Design Optimization

The CAPRI DriveMM Design Connector enables engineers to rapidly query, analyze and update the design intent of a CAD model in a simulation driven design process. DriveMM is the simplest and most reliable path for an engineer or analyst to perform parametric studies with their favorite CAD package. No programming expertise or expert knowledge of CAD systems is required. DriveMM is ideal for optimizing CAD designs in upfront conceptual or preliminary analysis.

Automated Design Optimization Chain Using CAD, CAPRI DriveMM, and CAE Analysis

Feature Overview

  • Works with parts and assemblies.
  • Automatically list and output the design tree and associated parameters in the CAD file.
  • Edit features to create different instances of the CAD model suitable for analysis. Features such as holes can be turned on/off to simplify the geometry.
  • Drive design changes through parameter updates. Set new parameters values and update the CAD.
  • Simple command language, a script can be used to embed the DriveMM connector in an automated workflow.
  • Various save and export options, usable in a distributed computing environment.


  • Eliminate CAD rework, duplication, and tedious update process of CAD designs.
  • Easy to use. Does not require knowledge of using CAD packages or CAD scripting.
  • Reliable and significantly faster than direct CAD scripting.
  • Easy to connect to CAE packages and optimizers.
  • No rewriting scripts for every CAD. Same scripts and workflow can be used with any CAPRI supported CAD package.


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