Visualize | Analyze | Optimize your CAD designs in MATLAB

It eliminates CAD rework and over-simplified representations that could result in errors between the real design intent and representations that you create in MATLAB®.
Introduce real CAD models early into your MATLAB® workflows to shorten product development cycles, save time, and cost.

Click on the videos to learn more about the features and capabilities.

  1. Export a STL representation of a CAD part
  2. Modify a CAD shape for design optimization
  3. Extract two-dimensional slices from a 3D model

Feature Overview

  • MATLAB® users can work with CAD models in their M-Scripts,
  • Query the geometry details such number of bodies, mass properties and other mechanical details,
  • Visualize CAD parts and assemblies
  • Extract discrete representation for 1D, 2D, and 3D analyses,
  • Perform geometric operations such extracting 2D cross sections and details required for preliminary and conceptual analysis,
  • Drive the design intent such as features and parameters for DOE and optimization.


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